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Animal Control

We understand that you are probably seeking pest control assistance because you have an annoying issue NOW, and want help right away. We won't make you wait! Security Pest Control offers a wide variety of services tailored to your business or residential needs.



We are proud to be the one stop shop for humane pest and wildlife solutions. We are pioneers in the service industry, combining the most effective aspects of nuisance wildlife control, offering our customers more effective treatments and services saving time and money. Residential wildlife problems include moles in the yard, raccoons and mice or other rodents that might be awakening and moving around in your attic, walls, and other places. Our staff will answer any questions you have and to get you set up for an inspection or service appointment.




From office buildings and schools, to property management, homeowners associations and restaurants, we take care of all of your animal control and removal. We have a vested interest in providing a proven, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your rodent and animal problems. After inspecting and analysing your facility's situation, we will advise you on routines that will minimize a rodent infestation. Our program will effectively control entry points and reduce rodent populations. After our initial treatment, we can help control the long-term risk of rodent problems as well. Our technicians professionally evaluate your building and then create an integrated plan combining rodent deterrence, physical barriers, suggestions on how to eliminate attracting pests as well as periodic application of rodent control agents and annual inspections. We implement Integrated Pest Management protocol specific to each commercial customer's needs providing the most effective control measures.