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Bed Bug Exterminator: Canton, MI

Clear Your Home of a Bed Bug Infestation as Quickly as Possible in Canton, MI

We have all heard about the dreaded bed bugs that can infest our homes. These tiny pests are difficult to spot and even harder to get rid of if you don’t know how to do it properly. Luckily, you have Security Pest Control to rely on when it comes to bed bug treatment.

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We are Canton's Leaders in Bed Bug Detection

You may be wondering how bed bugs have infested your home in the first place. Pests like these can be brought in either via person, or if you buy used furniture, clothing, etc. Once they are in your home, each bed bug can lay up to ten eggs per day, resulting in fast multiplication, and an uncontrollable infestation. What does this mean for you? Essentially it means you should contact a bed bug exterminator at your first suspicion to come do an analysis of your home. An adult bed bugs’ life span is usually about 7 months; however, they can live far beyond that, even going into many years if they stay consistently fed.

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How Do Bed Bugs Grow? 

Similarly, to mosquitoes and ticks, they bite hosts to feed off their blood, resulting in tiny bites over the body to appear. Typically, bites will be grouped together in a concentrated area of the body, most commonly including your neck, shoulders, forearms, hands, back, and calves. You also may notice your sheets having blood stains on them, or even dried out carcasses of what used to be bed bugs on your pillowcases. Until they are fed, bed bug bodies are almost clear, making the younger ones more difficult to spot. More mature bugs will be a reddish-brown color.

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We Get to Work on the Bed Bug Removal Process Right Away

When we come to your home, we will conduct a bed bug inspection, identifying if you do in fact have bed bugs. If they are found, we begin a treatment that occurs once a week for three weeks. In the meantime, our professionals will guide you on what to do to help you control the infestation. We offer bed bug treatments with the lowest toxicity level so it is still safe for you and your family, and will never use more product than necessary. If you suspect that bed bugs have infested your home, please call us right away. One of our trusted technicians will be sent to your home and can start implementing solutions immediately.

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