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Mosquito Control: Canton, MI

Rely on Us for Complete Mosquito Control in Canton, MI

As perhaps the ultimate pests, mosquitos are both annoying and can bite, doubling the need to have these pests removed from your yard. Security Pest Control offers mosquito elimination services to residents and business owners alike throughout SE Michigan.

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Effective Control Treatments That Protect You Now and Later

Our mosquito control treatments for your yard include a combination of chemical and environmental procedures to rid your property of these pests. These exterminating and preventative treatments kill mosquitos in any stage from adult to larvae, and even mosquito eggs. With the potential for mosquitos to be carrying diseases such as West Nile Virus and Malaria, it is even more important to protect your family or employees. As confirmed by the CDC mosquito control measures, such as those offered by Security Pest Control can help reduce the risk of you contracting diseases that mosquitoes often carry. With so much standing water in Michigan, mosquitos are especially attracted to our environment versus drier landscapes. Get rid of the annoyance and protect the health of those around you with mosquito control services today!

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What Can You Do to Help with Mosquito Prevention Around Your Property?

While it is great to have an amazing pest control company like Security Pest Control, it is even better to have a mosquito-free yard. There are certain things you can do to achieve this. First, it is important to know that mosquitoes are naturally attracted to wet or humid places. They also need water to reproduce. One of the first things you can do to help mosquitoes stay away from your home or business is to get rid of any standing water, if possible, including puddles, that low spots where runoff or rain can gather, mud, or any other type of pooling. We recommend keeping your yard trimmed. The longer the grass, the easier it will be for mosquitoes to reproduce and hide. Finally, we also advise you to keep your trees cut low. Taking these steps will help to keep mosquitos away from your property. Of course, if these are not an option, or if you would rather take the easy route, Security Pest Control can eliminate the pestering mosquitos for you.

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